What are the costs of the program?

Our program is self pay only (i.e. we do not accept GRH funding); please contact us if you are interested in attending IOP at NuWay.

  • Washington House (programming fee): $650 / mo
  • Washington House (deposit): $250
  • Midtown House (programming fee): $650 / mo
  • Midtown House (deposit): $400

What are the requirements for your program?

The critical requirements are the following:

  • Self admitted addict or alcoholic
  • Completely detoxed
  • At least 30 days of sobriety
  • Attend at least 3 recovery related meetings a week and work with a sponsor/mentor
  • Must take part in at least 20 hours of work, school, IOP, volunteering, etc. each week
  • Nine month minimum stay
  • Attend weekly house meeting

Please note, the Midtown House caters to the LGBT community but we welcome everyone; Washington House is a women's only program and potential applicants must identify as female.

Are you a treatment center?

No, we are a "sober house."  We do not provide clinical services that a treatment center might.  We are also not a rental property and residents of our homes should understand they are signing a "sober house" contract, not a typical "lease agreement."

Residents are responsible for purchasing and cooking their own food.  However, each house is fully furnished (e.g. furniture, cookware, house computer, WiFi, etc.) and utilities are paid for.

What should I bring?

Residents should bring toiletries, laundry supplies, food, bedding (twin sized), and clothing plus each person is given a limited amount of space for extra belongings.  Please do not bring cookware, televisions, furniture, etc.  Laptops are allowed but we ask that you not use them alone in your room regularly.

What is the interview process like?

A simple pre-screening is done by the manager over the phone prior to scheduling an interview.  The interview process then takes place during our weekly house meeting and is relatively informal.    

Primarily, we are looking to get to know the person, which consists of the applicant sharing their story and then both parties asking questions.  Current residents vote on whether the person is accepted and the person will be notified by the manager within 24 hours.