Our Approach

Sustained recovery requires a holistic, person-centered approach

We accomplish this by designing our program around four domains



What: Encourage residents to own their recovery as a lifelong and holistic process

Example: Residents attend a minimum number of recovery support meetings and meet with a mentor weekly



What: Foster peer to peer support and interpersonal relationships between residents and staff

Example: Residents are encouraged to attend a monthly house sponsored outing of their choosing 


Democratically Run

What: Peers and staff share house governance in meaningful ways

Example: Residents have a sense of ownership by voting on whether applicants are accepted into the house 



What: Promote a "functionally equivalent family" atmosphere

Example: Furnishings, interiors, and resident privacy are designed around the question "Would I want to live here?"  


MASH Certified

House management follows industry best practices and adheres to a strict Code of Ethics

Meet our Experts


Cheriel Washington House Manager

Sober Living Experience: 1 year

Why a House Manager? Getting sober taught me how to take part in life by connecting with others.  I want to help other women find belonging like I have.

Favorite Sober Living Memory: The sober house I lived in had a pretty amazing ugly sweater party


Tommi Midtown House Manager

Sober Living Experience: 6 years 

Why a House Manager? I believe in the sober house model.  People need a safe and comfortable place to call home - a place to be part of a community.

Favorite Sober Living Memory: Easy.... Sunday BBQ's and volleyball!


Stephen Owner/MASH Board Member

Sober Living Experience: 5 years

Why an Owner? There are many components of recovery and I believe supportive housing is critical.  I am proud to affect people's lives in such a positive way. 

Favorite Sober Living Memory: Renting a cabin and boating on the St. Croix River as part of the first Midtown Gitdown..... I think Madonna and Queen are still echoing through Stillwater.