the Midtown House

Exterior MASH.jpg

3,100 sq. ft.

4 Bedrooms

Single, Double, and Triple Beds

2 Bathrooms

8 Residents

1 Live in Manager

Midtown House is located in the vibrant heart of South Minneapolis.  The home is professionally designed and landscaped and has been fully renovated to include updated appliances and utilities.  Greeted with a cheerful interior, the first thing others seem to say when they come through our doors is "WOW!"

The neighborhood is both vibrant and and conducive to success in early recovery.  Powderhorn Park, which is a park of sprawling hills and even a lake, is Minneapolis' own Central Park just down the street.  Additional nearby attractions include the Midtown Global Market, a consortium of restaurants, shops, and groceries with a global spin as well as a major bus line one block away.

Most importantly, resident's can easily find recovery support.  Multiple LGBT friendly sober houses are within walking distance and there are hundreds of AA and NA meetings in the community each day.  

Continue your recovery journey at Midtown House among an LGBT friendly community - contact us today.